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Monitoring the populations of hibernating bats at underground sites (NBMP) – count a wide range of species that make their winter home in the many mines in Montgomeryshire.


We hold occasional informative lectures by members and guest speakers.


Nathusius’ Pipistrelle surveys (NBMP).


Look for swarming sites, where some species of bats come together at this time of year to socialise and to mate.


Emergence counts at maternity roosts (NBMP) – a chance to see large numbers of bats.


Waterway surveys for Daubenton’s Bats (NBMP).


Bat walks and exploratory field trips to new and interesting sites in order to build up a picture of bat activity around the county.

Our activities are based around the annual life cycle of the bats and are aimed at increasing our knowledge of bats in Montgomeryshire. Many also contribute to the National Bat Monitoring Program (NBMP), run by the Bat Conservation Trust, which is used to estimate national populations and clarify long-term population trends.










As the bats become active, we start to run field trips designed to listen to and watch bats, to investigate their ecology and hopefully to find new roosts.


Make bat boxes and put them up around the vice-county

We do not...

Undertake commercial surveys for planning applications. A list of professional surveyors can be obtained from the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust or the BCT Wales Officer (tel.: 01269 26 87 68, email:




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